To succeed in the ecological transition and first of all in transport, we have the choice of beautiful and efficient electric vehicles in all respects; except for autonomy.
There is the other solution to obtain sufficient autonomy, electric vehicles in a simple and environmentally friendly way for the movement of tomorrow, which is to recycle the charge of batteries while driving .
SPRING FORCE a NOMADE battery charging system, which, like a bicycle dynamo while on the move, and between stops at the charging station, can provide the status of large road cars to plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles as well as non-polluting lorries.
         With a footprint equivalent to a catalytic exhaust and mounted below the vehicle it is operated during the movements of the vehicle, and allows to maintain by regeneration, the charge of the battery to give the vehicles a large part of the au Acquired at the charging station, which here is the encryption of a displacement demonstrating a doubling of autonomy from the first cycle of operation.


For ZOE-type vehicles equipped 
Driving without the use of a generator (all available power 
is used for driving)
Pm-20 kW è Maximum speed (without air resistance): v-122 km/h
WB-50 kWh (battery capacity)
t-50 kWh/ 20kW-2.5 h (the drive to completely empty the batteries)
1) The path traveled without recharging until the battery drained completely:
122-2.5-305 km
2) The path travelled with the energy produced (the energy returned to the battery)
Pg-15 kW (alternate power)
Wg-Pget-15 kW -2.5 h-37.5 kWh (energy returned to the battery)
Dl-Wg/wg - 37.5 kWh / 0.164 kWh/km - 228.5 km (how far we've come 
In addition, with battery charging lay the driving
3) Total distance travelled:
305-228.5 - 533.5 km

The "SPRING-FORCE" device assembles energy to start the next cycle and thus according to the model; to ensure that electric vehicles have the autonomy of "big road cars."
Its innovative process makes it possible to consider adapting to all types of plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles.

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