International goals aspire to technical progress with the aim of reducing polluting emissions and preserving the planet.
Even major economic powers will be forced to limit CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.
Not having the right solutions, to ensure that electric vehicles are priced, and performance is adequate; expected by users, the research is currently focused on improving battery capacity and the speed of charging of charging terminals.
In order to ensure true autonomy for electric vehicles it is absolutely necessary to give the possibility to recover from the charge of the batteries while driving.
            Some manufacturers have had the same resonances which has resulted in the testing of induction battery charging systems that have been run down the pavement, which seems to be working properly but represents huge investments and huge work for implementation of such facilities.
For the past few years I have been looking at the problem of the autonomy of electric vehicles, to observe that it will be very difficult if not impossible for us to obtain sufficient autonomy by adding batteries to infinity, and to have vehicles at the reasonably priced in order to make them available to more people. 
Realizing this, I imagined and succeeded in developing various inventions, allowing substantial savings on the volume of batteries, at a reasonable cost; while increasing vehicle range.
One of the concepts: running on the engine springs, regarding a NOMADE battery charging recycler that I have named "SPRING-FORCE" is currently in the digital prototype stage, is waiting for partners with the means to to ensure a very promising deployment in the electric car market.
The process is intended to recover kinetic energy from the vehicle, store it in the engine springs of the device, and then; Using an alternator, recycle and maintain the charge of the vehicle's batteries on the move, to greatly extend the vehicle's range.
I decided to produce it and distribute it if I can find willing partners to help me. for alone I do not have the means to carry out such a task.
If you are interested in developing another approach to solving a promising electric vehicle autonomy problem, I am available to consider any proposals for partnerships.


"SPRING-FORCE" is a NOMADE battery charging system, which like a bicycle dynamo on the move, and between stops at the charging station, can provide the status of large road cars to electric and hybrid vehicles Rechargeable.
The Invention in question is intended to recover kinetic energy from the vehicle, in order to operate an alternator, to recycle and maintain the charge of the electric vehicle's batteries at a sufficient level, to make long trips. 100% electric running distance.






The device is mounted to be connected to a rotating axis of the moving electric vehicle via a rubber wheel (1), which allows a force reducer to be operated (3), and via the (4) collaborate with an anti-return pivot (6), which operate the conical gears (5), to facilitate the reassembly of the engine springs (14), and constantly restart the inertia wheels (9) coupled with the rotor axis (7) of a rotor alternator (10).








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