Project origins


Despite many improvements in the range of electric vehicles, we are obliged to recognize that battery production remains expensive, which has as a balance the prices raised electric vehicles for a range severely amputated compared to thermal vehicles. 
I have looked at the problem of the autonomy of electric vehicles to observe that it will be very difficult if not impossible for us to obtain sufficient autonomy by adding to the infinite batteries, and to have vehicles at a reasonable price in order to make them available to more people.  
Realizing this, I imagined and succeeded in developing various inventions allowing substantial savings on the volume of batteries and filed a patent in 2015, concerning a NOMADE battery charging recycler, which I named "SPRING-FORCE"  
I filed several patents of invention in this sense and had the concept examined by an electromechanical engineer, who my calculations; and confirmed the interest of the system capable of doubling the battery life, planned from the vehicle factory, from the first cycle of operation of the device.  
The system is designed to be easily installed on all plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles without significant modifications.  
After repeatedly addressing me to car manufacturers, and financial disputes to try to obtain means of developing this innovation, my efforts went unanswered because; people who can help me have still not measured the relevance and need to include such a system in all electric vehicles, in order to reduce the volume of batteries and ensure sufficient autonomy for the vehicles.


Birth of the project


Currently, manufacturers are working on battery performance, but we know that there are many limitations in battery life: (charging speed, cost of production, supply of raw material, volume and weight of batteries) and so on...
In order to overcome all its drawbacks and allow the largest number of consumers, to access reliable electric vehicles, of great range, equal or even superior to thermal vehicles and an affordable price, it is absolutely necessary reduce the volume of battery blocks and ensure a massive recovery of battery charge while driving.
For this just add a battery charging recycling device of which I am designer, called "NOMADE CHARGER FOR BATTERIES" that recharges the batteries of the electric vehicle throughout the journey and as a result, and from my calculations, I get to immediately double the planned range at the start of the vehicle factory, from the first cycle of operation.
Like most independent inventors, to develop my ideas I encounter financial and material difficulties, which is why I am looking for people capable of producing and eventually distributing this new equipment for clean vehicles.

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